eCAPS – Electronic Capacity Planning and Scheduling

It’s the most intelligent way to replace manual process flow of controlling production capacity planning and scheduling for any manufacturing companies.

Highlights of our product include – Real-time information, Plug and Play interface with QAD/SAP applications, increased efficiency and productivity, robust inventory management, and built-in features to support Business Intelligence and Mobile Apps.

With eCAPS it is estimated that savings of 12% - 15% from scrap, optimized capacity utilization and less change over’s, reduces TCO with a payback period of less than 1 year


eCAPS (Electronic Capacity Planning and Scheduling)

– Pegasys designed and developed this product to automate production planning for manufacturing facilities as a low cost solution to achieve:

  • Full scale automation of activities related to Capacity Planning and Scheduling
  • Real Time Information on Digital Screens & Elimination of Paper Based Reports
  • Access to the plant performance metrics from anywhere in the world
  • Increased efficiency, productivity and delivery
  • Robust inventory management
  • Integrated Communication Platform
  • eCAPS is Flexible and Scalable to offer services like Business Intelligence, Mobile Apps and Cloud…

Scheduler User Interface (eCAPS will communicate with ERP systems (QAD, Oracle, SAP, ..) on a real time basis and runs the required algorithms in the background to auto adjust the press/tool schedules for a given production time line)

Snapshot of an Automated Daily Schedule to
meet weekly Production Demand

By the line side at each "press" there will be a digital screen (w/without interactivity) that will display the Operator profile, real-time demand & throughput, enter scrap, good and total produced

Snapshot of Operator User Interface

Build Interface
  • Build API to establish connection between QAD and eCAPS
Capacity Planning
  • Download weekly & daily reports from QAD to eCAPS
  • Forecast Capacity for 4 weeks
Automate Scheduling
  • Generate daily reports for Scheduling to meet the demand.
  • Inform Floor Supervisor
  • Operators will enter the defective, good and total parts produced at each press.
Create Reports
  • Offers the flexibility to run the reports for OEE, Scrap, Capacity planning/manning.
  • Report eCAPS to QAD

Our Clients


Christian Dohr President/CEO ThyssenKrupp Steel USA

The Pegasys team did an excellent job in our brand new Calvert facility. They provided knowledge, expertise and fresh ideas to create an outstanding EDI monitoring tool. They are a great partner to work with.

Tom Glavas Director of Quality, Autoneum North America

Pegasys can be a very valuable partner for its creativity and high skilled expertise in IT Consulting – especially custom built software applications