SAP – Business Intelligence

With the rapid changes in today’s market, business, and technology landscape, organizations need today’s business intelligence (BI) plat-forms to provide real-time performance on big data, insight with trust across business and social data, and instantly available mobile BI. And they need BI solutions that are globally ready, easily scalable, and flexibly deployable.

“Pegasys takes pride in helping Fortune 500 with BI Strategy and Roadmap, Implementation, Rollout & Upgrade and Application Support and Maintenance that aligns with their Business Objectives”

Pegasys has vast experience in the BI space, and have dedicated professionals working on Datawarehousing (DW) and BI projects, of these are focused on SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) and the BusinessObjects (BO) portfolio. This, coupled with our future-looking approach, positions us as a strong partner of choice for our customers. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Enterprise Datawarehouse (EDWH)
  • Enterprise Information Management (EIM)
  • Information Discovery and Delivery (IDD)
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
  • Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)
  • Mobility
  • In – memory Computing with BW Accelerator (BWA) and High Performance Analytical Appliance (HANA) OnDemand BI
  • Business Analytic Applications (BAA)

What is the missing link between data and its value creation?

We fill “the gap” depending on the data usage type and its user

Standard Reports / Dashboards

Standard Reports: Field Staff, Managers  |  Dashboards: Senior Executives

Predefined prompts, formatted reports with summaries. These will provide the ability to monitor & analyze and track performance throughout the organization.

Ad-Hoc Query

Information analysts & Data Miners

For power users who constantly research detailed data relationships that could not be found using OLAP or standard reports. This provides the ability to author basic reports, report layout, filter and sort data, add formatting and create charts.

Data Mining / Statistical Analysis

Statisticians/Data Miners

Perform secondary analysis of large databases in order to find previously unsuspected relationships. This involves understanding of patterns and developing statistical models.

Our Approach

We know that a successful BI implementation is not just about producing reports in silos. Instead, it is about looking beyond reports to build a unified performance management solution that can help you make informed decisions. Therefore, our approach consists of:

  • BI Strategy and Roadmap
  • BICC Setup
  • BI Program Management
  • BI Implementation, Rolllout and Upgrade
  • BI Application Support and Maintenance
  • 1
    Considers your industry domain and its processes and nuances
  • 2
    Provides a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) framework with analysis trails across your key business functions
  • 3
    Provides for action-oriented, forward-looking, intuitive, and high-performance analytics across operational, tactical, management, and legal compliance requirements
  • 4
    Considers the best-in-class architecture and technology roadmap that aligns with your enterprise architecture and IT strategy
  • 5
    Ensures closed-loop performance management such that execution at all levels is aligned with management strategy
  • 6
    Considers a strategy for data governance, including data integration and quality as well as metadata management
  • 7
    Provides for strong and pragmatic program governance, including organization structure, business engagement, delivery excellence process, and robust support model

Our Clients


Christian Dohr President/CEO ThyssenKrupp Steel USA

The Pegasys team did an excellent job in our brand new Calvert facility. They provided knowledge, expertise and fresh ideas to create an outstanding EDI monitoring tool. They are a great partner to work with.

Tom Glavas Director of Quality, Autoneum North America

Pegasys can be a very valuable partner for its creativity and high skilled expertise in IT Consulting – especially custom built software applications